Greetings from Minnesota!

I should be writing a review of Hell’s Kitchen. But I can’t…because I’ve fallen off the wagon. Kind of.

No, I did not cave in and resume cable; I’m in Minneapolis visiting my parents who can afford such luxuries. So here I am, in the living room of my childhood home on a cold, rainy September day (which may or may not be the first day of fall, come to think of it), and there it is: the dark, hulking form of temptation itself, peering down at me from it’s perch atop the entertainment center. Yes, it is in fact too big for the dedicated TV slot inside the entertainment center that was bought back when TVs were square and had a footprint at least 2 feet in length.

I’ve been home for a couple days now, and so far I’ve been good at resisting the television’s welcoming and sinister glow. The trick is to keep busy: go to the gym, go out to lunch, go shopping, go go go. At night, my family and I all watch an episode of something together before we turn in for the night, but since we’re talking and commenting to each other about the show, it’s only half-watching, really.

But now…it’s the middle of the afternoon. I’m all alone. No one would care if I cheated a little…there’s probably an America’s Next Top Model marathon on somewhere…just an hour won’t hurt anything, right?

But I know it won’t be just an hour. I will find some other show, some other excuse to keep watching. Eventually, I will start to get bored, but I won’t turn off the TV and do something more engaging. Instead, I will find a supplement for my viewing—like those Chinese food leftovers in the fridge. Keep watching, keep eating. Just like high school, without the math homework.

I blame the weather. If it was sunny and warmer I could go out on the porch with a book and read. I could probably even deal with this computer screen glaring in my face and post what I meant to post today. I know I that winter’s coming, and I will have to figure out a way of dealing with the weather’s effect on my resolve eventually, but not today.

Also, since I haven’t seen the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen yet, it feels kind of stupid to write about it now. Tell you what—if you have access to Hulu or Hulu Plus, while don’t you go watch it now, and I will watch it when I get back to Madison on Monday, and then when I do finally write about it we’ll be on the same page. In the meantime, I’m going to stop feeling guilty. I am technically on vacation after all, and everyone will be home in a couple hours and the entropy will be curbed. As long as I stay out of the refrigerator, the damage should be minimal.


About spark

In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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