Week 6: Unfortunate Lull, Awesome Football

Well…I’ve been completely ignoring my writing responsibilities lately huh? This is what happens when you go on vacation, come back and dive directly into an unfamiliar full-time work schedule. Therefore I’m dispensing with my Week 5 entry and moving straight to week 6, with a promise that I will focus on getting new stuff up on time from now on.

Regardless of my shortcomings, it’s a great week to be back. Not only did the Packers absolutely murder the Broncos yesterday (49-23) yesterday, but they did it with style. We’re talking “successful onside kick in the 1st quarter,” “Rodgers runs in not one but two touchdowns by himself,” “interception in their own endzone with about a 70 yard return” style. It was not a football game, my friends–it was a SHOW. And even though they lost by about a million points, the Broncos played with flare too, most notably the short pass-backpass-long pass move in (I believe) the second quarter.

If you're wondering how the game went, this pic pretty well sums it up

Honestly, I think this is the first game I have no real criticism to offer. They did give away a couple touchdowns in the mid-first half, but I don’t really blame them–they were so far ahead, I almost want to thank them for at least making it look like there was still a game going on.

I will say this though: before I moved to Wisconsin, I lived in Minnesota for 18 years. If you know football at all, you can imagine how hard it was to transition to the pro-Packer camp when my entire nuclear family are diehard Vikings fans.

At first, I was a fan of convenience: I wanted to watch football, the Packers were the most available team. Problem solved: I could enjoy football without betraying my family loyalties. Even when the Packers won the Super Bowl, I didn’t really have much of a feeling about it, other than relief at the thought of the hundreds of housewives that wouldn’t wake up with black eyes in the morning (just kidding…kind of).

But now, especially in light of this game, I’m starting to get that “real fan” feeling. I want them to win, not just for the sake of winning but because they are my team. I feel that trust and pride in Rodgers that you’re supposed to feel for your quarterback. And…this may sound stupid, but they seem to have so much fun playing the game. When I watch games, so many other teams seem so heavy-hearted, almost miserable, when they play. But the Packers are so light on their feet and often you see them smile during their games, even though the are winded and their bodies must be absolutely burning in pain. Maybe it’s easy to smile when you’re at 4-0 so far this season, but it makes me wonder: does winning bring the joy, or does being joyful bring the wins?


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In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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