Ha! Finally, the Lions lose a game (25-19 to the 49ers) and drop to 5-1. It’s not that I have anything against the Lions perse–I actually really like their uniforms and their history is so pathetic they are the only other team I can safely root for around my family besides the Vikings. In my family, they are truly the Switzerland of football. I just hate being in a tie. Especially for first.

I have a lot of random comments about Packers v. Rams (finishing at 24-3 and blowing past even the most generous predictions of Packer victory). It’s always fun to watch the Packers win, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying it’s got to be a tad smaller margin in order to call it an “exciting” game. They were playing in throwback navy and gold uniforms though, which made the game visually unique at least. Despite the overwhelming early lead and in addition to the standard Rodgers-Nelson pass-and-run magic, there were a few truly unique moments during the game. Two in particular are courtesy of my favorite defensemen.

All the other pics I found had it blurred out--this was more interesting

1) A.J. Hawk flips off the camera. Word is the gesture was meant for other Packer players, as part of some kind of inside joke for his previous good play. I cannot BELIEVE the lag didn’t compensate for this. But, seeing as how I don’t have kids or a super judgmental viewing cohort, I thought it was refreshing to see. It was nice to be reminded that football players are people and not just behemoth product-hawking machines that only speak in hyperbole. They should stray from the model player mold more often.


Matthews "sack dance," so named by FOX commentators

2) Clay Matthews gets his first sack of the season. I have to say, I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with all those people whining about Matthews not racking up the sacks like he did last year. Did you ever think that maybe his record is the problem? That the offensive lines are…oh I don’t know…maybe compensating for the threat he presents? And according to stats posted during last nights game, even though he has only had 1 sack so far this season, he also had 3 batted balls and 4 pressures in last night’s game alone. So quit your bitching–he’s doing his job, and once Dom Capers figures out how to get him around an offensive line earlier in the game, I bet we’ll see the sacks pick up.

Plus, the man played with a shin injury for, like, most of the 2010 season. Sacks or no, he is AWESOME and always will be.

Final Thought: Did you know that the Packers are the most poetically appropriate team in the NFL? You’ve got Driver as a receiver, Shields as a defender, and a man name Capers coordinates the defense. That’s right, we’ve got the nouns on our side–that is not a team you want to mess with.


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In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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