Another Win…and a Perfect Season in Jeopardy

First things first: it’s been brought to my attention by my good friend Heath (check out his own awesome blog btw) that if I keep using game stills that are under the supreme control of the NFL I might be smited. Am I going to stop commenting on games? Of course not. Instead, you can enjoy my own artistic renderings of crucial game moments (with the word “crucial” subject to interpretation). Welcome to Stick Men Football, everyone.

Now, on with the show.

THAT…was by far the most frustrating, anxious game I have seen thus far, and it makes me really nervous for our upcoming games.

For once, we actually started out strong, leading San Diego by 11 points at the end of the first half (though they did score first, just to keep with tradition). The third quarter looked good too, and the Packers broke ahead in a 21 point lead. Everyone thought the game was over and then…a series of extremely poor decisions led to the Chargers making up 14 of those points with 6 minutes left in the game. And their drives had not been horrible up to that point. I seriously thought we were at least going into overtime, and possibly even looking at our first loss of the season. Luckily, during the Chargers final drive Peprah got his second interception of the day and it was all over, the final score coming in at 45-38 and the Packers maintain their no loss record (8-0).

You know, as I write this I realize that I have been ending game synopses with the word “luckily” more and more lately, usually in conjunction with the word “interception.” That’s a pretty worrisome pattern going in to the second half of the season.

You probably can't read it in the image but it says "Jordi Roll" on Nelson's body. Next week: Photoshop.

I can’t blame this one on Rodgers or his receivers, that’s for sure. He was definitely on all day–I think he completed all but two passes in the game.  This is particularly impressive given the fact that his offensive line was completely ripped apart by the Chargers defense for basically the entire game. He was taken down more times in this game than I’ve seen in all the rest of the games so far combined, and he still managed to throw four touchdown passes, including one to Nelson who caught a throw low and  had to roll about 5 feet into the endzone (pictured here).




3rd Quarter: Clay Matthews takes out a sound guy while chasing a runner out of bounds. If only he'd been so aggressive against the San Diego quarterback.

Another problem was the Packer defense seemed like it was half asleep for the majority of the second half, especially when it came to coverage on Antonio Gates, the Chargers receiver that made some of the more phenomenal catches of the day. It was frustrating to watch the defense that I love so much be neutralized not only by the Chargers offense but by it’s own inertia. I’m glad we won, but win or no, let’s hope this game was a wake up call for the Packers, because this kind of performance is not what leads to a perfect season OR another Super Bowl win.




Next week: Vikings rematch. Let’s see if Christian Ponder has learned enough to take us down…though with one week (and a dirty win) at Carolina and another week on a bye since the first game and this next one, my guess is no.


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