Double Digits Minus One!

Much better Packers! Finally, a game that didn’t make me want to slink away in embarrassment halfway through the third quarter.

Monday night’s game against the Vikings was an almost perfect showing, and the Packers won easily 45-7. The only score came off of a Cobb bobble on the punt that was recovered by the Vikings at around the Packer’s 15 yard line, from which they easily scored.

As you might imagine, I keep a notebook next to me during every game to take notes and keep track of scores and plays for later reference. Here’s what I wrote about the Cobb fumble:

“COBB!!! AGAIN!! What is WRONG with you?!! I was hoping for a shutout and you fricking RUINED it! Feel bad. Feel bad about your life right now. That was like $150 you got paid to F everything up. Congratulations. Go buy yourself a tie. A-hole.”

Apparently, even in frantic, rage-filled scribbles I don’t swear.

The only redeeming factor about Cobb’s action is on the return after the Vikings score his rage propelled him like a stampede of horses down the field and he practically trampled Jared Allen in the process. Good! I hate that guy.

What kind of tool picks 69 as their number? Sure, everyone says they would hypothetically, as a joke, but no one ACTUALLY picks it.

Other than this glaring error, the Packers were really on top of everything for the duration of the game. They came out strong and they never flagged. The offense was merciless as always, despite Jared Allen’s douchy face coming at Rodgers for the sack on nearly every play. Starks was on fire this game, piercing the line of scrimmage with Peterson-esque speed and fury and leading the game for rushing yards (63). Even Matt Flynn, our second string quarterback they brought in for the last six minutes, got to run in a touchdown at the end of the 4th. Everybody wins!

I know in reality he's a tall man, but this is what I saw in my head when he scored. Way to go little guy!

And finally, FINALLY, the defense is looking more like the defense I fell in love with last season. I don’t know if it’s because they’re coming out strong for the second half of the season like last year or if they are trying to prove themselves after last week’s abysmal collapse against San Diego, but I hope they keep it up. Matthews finally got a couple of sacks in against Ponder, but I think Woodson was the true defensive hero of that game. After he made an catch that was ruled and interception but really wasn’t and the call was reversed, he became a monster on the field, interrupting passes and making more big hits than I’ve ever seen from him in one game. Though he never did get his revenge interception (his “revengerception”?), maybe that will keep him fired up for next week’s game.

Next week: The Buccaneers, with a record of 5-4 and losses to the Lions, 49ers, Bears, Saints, and Texans. I’d say it seems like a likely win, especially if the Packers keep up the AWESOME work.


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In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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  1. The backup QB’s name is Matt Flynn. His middle name is Clayton. lol.


    • Oops, my bad. Wonder where I got Neil from? Must have been some name I saw somewhere once that got stored in the back of my mind and was then triggered when I saw “Flynn” on his jersey without knowing his first name. The funny thing is I was SO SURE I never thought to verify it. Ah, well–fixed in the article now. Thanks!

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