As some of you know (aka those of you who know me in the real world, outside webland), I recently quit my 9-to-5 soul suck of a job to focus on the stuff I love: writing and filmmaking. Recently, I got a gig as a guest blogger on, a company that allows filmmakers to post their videos with ads and reap some monetary rewards. If this strikes you as a nice meshing of my interests, you would be correct sir!

So, look for me on Film Annex (here is my profile link). I will also be cross posting on LOTW whenever I’ve got a new article up. So far there looks to be a lot of fun, interesting, thought-provoking and weird videos on Film Annex, so there should be plenty for me to write about. It’s something I’m doing on a trial basis, but with hard work and some luck I hope to make it a permanent thing. Either way, it beats the heck out of working for the man.


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