FA Article 11: Sam French and Development Pictures

Oh man…I am REALLY letting this stuff slide, huh? I can’t help it, though. New job + trip home + + 100 degree weather + peanut butter chocolate Rice Krispy squares= total lack of motivation. If it makes you feel any better, this is not the only thing I’ve let slip lately (though that makes ME feel a bit worse…)

Oh well. It’s July. Nothing gets done in July.

This week for Film Annex I stumbled upon a really cool interview with Sam French, founder of Development Pictures in Kabul. This is the company that produced Buzkashi Boys, one of the first narrative short films to be shot entirely in Afghanistan. He also talks about the previous total destruction of the Afghan film industry, the role of social media in rebuilding a prosperous country, and, of course, his view on Film Annex’s Afghan Development Project. A cool guy, a great interview–I really recommend you take a look.

Read my blog on Film Annex to find out more.


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In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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