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The Sure Sign of Fall

After a boring day at the office, I come home to find a much less boring day in someone else’s office.

No, I’m not talking about The Office. It’s way better than that. I’m talking about Parks and Recreation: Season 4, now available on Netflix. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this show on for size, might I suggest…now? The first three seasons are solid mockumentary-style comedy, and I am willing bet that Season 4 is probably just as good. Maybe a little weaker, since that’s just how shows go as time passes, but I’m still looking forward to watching it.

Now just waiting for the newest season of 30 Rock to pop up and I will have the makings of a perfect Labor Day hangover salve.

Ron Swanson: Enough said.


FA Article 13: Social Media + Business

Another requested topic from my Film Annex contact, this time about social media in business. Actually, I feel like I should thank them for asking me to write about this. I do a lot of work online, but my experience with social media doesn’t go much beyond a Facebook page, knowing how to blog and some VERY cursory knowledge of SEO (which isn’t really social media, but you get the idea). Conducing even some very basic research gave me new insight into the world of social media advertising, and made me realize I really need to do more.

Also, this post contains a very beautiful short French film called Motus. Give it a look (4 min plus ad time).

Check out this article here.

Shout-out to Mrs. Pung!

As you might have guessed by now, I’m a bit of a writer. However, this is not something I just picked up out of the blue. I’ve been writing for years, a fact I was reminded of recently by my third grade teacher, Mrs. Pung. On a recent trip home to Minnesota, my mom told me she’d had lunch with Mrs. Pung not long ago, and Mrs. Pung had given her a copy of a book I wrote…in the second grade. 30 pages long, with illustrations, about a girl who has AIDS that goes inside her body to cure her illness.  What do you know? I was a sci-fi fan even then.

Now, I remember how I got the idea for the story (a combination of the Magic School Bus and running around the play palace at Discovery Zone), and I remember writing the book, but I had completely forgotten that I had given a copy to anyone. As if saving it wasn’t amazing enough, my mom told me that Mrs. Pung has been using it as a teaching aid in her classes. That’s since 1993. Almost 20 years ago. I’m truly astonished and very flattered.

So, in honor of Mrs. Pung, and so all of you can enjoy the silliness of my second-grade self, here it is: The Cure to AIDS. Thanks Mrs. Pung!

Also, note the fact that, though twenty years have passed, my illustration style hasn’t improved in the slightest. If anything, it’s gotten worse 🙂

FA Article #12: PubMatic

Article 12, huh? This marks my third “ending” to my contract (originally it was for 4 articles and I’ve been renewed twice). Here’s hoping for a fourth!

This week, I’m covering the interview conducted with Kirk McDonald, founded of the digital ad management company PubMatic. He’s very well-spoken, charitable, and of the interviews I’ve covered, he has probably the most to say about the Afghan Development Project. It was really a joy to watch.

Read my blog on Film Annex to find out more.


COMING THIS WEEK: a blast from my past. We’re talking, like, 1992. Curious? Stay tuned.