Packers vs 49ers: Yay, We Lost!

Packers vs 49ers
Date: September 9th, 2012
At: Green Bay
Outcome: 30-22 49ers

This year, I’ve decided to try and do less typing and a lot more drawing. So without further delay, on with the show!

What can I say? They played a great game. One of the best teams from last year + Randy Moss, they made it further in the playoffs than we did and I’m not surprised we lost, regardless of what the oddsmakers told us before the game.

Also–a record-tying field goal? Really? You can’t compete with that.

Akers’s reaction to his 63-yard field goal. As anyone who watched the game will tell you, I’m not exaggerating on this one.

However, while their footballin’ abilities are beyond reproach, I can absolutely mock the hell out of their coach. I mean Christ, I’m shocked he wasn’t wheeled out off the field in a straight jacket by the end of the first quarter. That guy needs to calm the F down before one of his neck muscles snaps.

Harbaugh after the first penalty. As with the previous drawing, you might think I’m exaggerating for comedic effect. Trust me…I’m not.

Better than last year, but still not good enough. Their red zone coverage is still strong, but until you break up your opponents’ passing games, you’ll keep giving up field goals, or worse. And when you can’t count on the offense to make the big plays, even field goals will be enough to kill you.

That being said, I was happy to see Matthews back in fighting form, with 2 sacks and one assist. However, I did notice that he seemed to be going for Smith’s feet more than anything else…

New Strategy, Capers?

Ugh….where to begin?!

No, no, I promised to keep it brief and I will. Here’s what I see: when they are under pressure, they click. They move the ball down the field and they put themselves in a position to score. When they’re not under pressure, Rodgers hesitates, second guesses, waits for God-knows-what, and gives the defense a chance to either cover all his receivers or drag him down kicking and screaming. Why do you think he ran so much? Because he didn’t leave himself any other choice.

What they need to do is play every down like it might be their last. It’s the only way they will ever move forward. Otherwise every drive will either take a hundred years or it will be shut down before it starts.

The Packers first scoring drive. Time of possession: 800 hours.

Of course, their insane amount of penalties and backwards motion didn’t help their progress either, nor did their complete lack of a running game. Where the hell is Starks? That’s what I kept asking.

Still, there were some good things about this game despite the loss. Nelson is still the best man to have around in a pinch, it’s nice to see Cobb getting some more offensive field time, and even Finley seems to have mostly removed whatever demons were in possession of his hands at the end of last season. I wholeheartedly believe that, now that they’ve ruined their chances of a “perfect season” before they even had the chance to begin with, things are going to get better. The dream is over, guys, so all you have to worry about is the game at hand. Maybe now we’ll actually start winning again.

None during the game, though I do see that Desmond Bishop is on injured/reserve list (according to this roster). Anyone know what’s up with that?

UP NEXT: Cutler and the Bears (1-0) on that glorious nightmare that is Thursday night football, available exclusively on the NFL Network. Tune in next time to hear about how I manage to watch THAT game without selling out to the man or punching a rabid drunken fan at the local bar. It ought to be fun.


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In August 2011, after an entire lifetime of indiscriminate viewing, I had to cancel my DVR cable with the HD channels due to financial difficulties. Let's see what happens now.

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  1. 1. You have outdone yourself with the stickmen.

    2. Starks is injured and with the signing of Benson is a dead man walking any way. Also, 49ers had the best rushing defense in football last year so hopefully we can do a bit better in the future.

    3. Finley did not drop many balls but as usual one of his drops was crucial – would have converted a 3rd down!

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