Packers vs Bears: Yay, We WON!

Packers (0-1) vs Bears (1-0)
Date: September 13th, 2012
At: Green Bay
Outcome: 23-10 Packers

Prior to this game, I was very confused as to why everyone was so worried about the Bears. For once, I had no doubts that the Packers would win. And I was right.

Btw, thanks to the awesome greed of the NFL network, we had to stream the game from an .eu site (sadly, the site we used last year– or whatever–is no longer available). I am not going to reveal the name of the site for fear that it will suffer a similar fate, but seeing that it was low quality and buggy anyway, you’re really not missing out.

I can sum up the Bears performance in one word, and amazingly enough, it was a word that was repeated (at last count) four times by the commentators:


Much, much, much, much, much better. Specifically, I have to give serious credit to A.J. Hawk. Even last year when the defense was falling apart near the end, Hawk was still a solid, reliable wall of a man, and he looks to be continuing that streak into this season.

Of course, I can’t not mention the fact that Clay Matthews is looking more and more like the monster we loved back in the 2009-2010. In two games, he’s already tied his number of sacks for the entire last season. Keep it up, Matthews–give the fans what they love.

How to become an awesome defenseman in three simple moves.

They are much, much better, but not, in my opinion, as improved as the defense. Although maybe that’s because they were rougher to begin with. Finley is still dropping a lot of passes, though it seems like they are catching on to the fact that he’s maybe not the most reliable receiver on the team. Other than that, their running game is getting stronger, and a lot of the old standbys like Nelson, Driver, and Jones are starting to get back into the swing of things.

In closing, I pretty much have to draw about the most unlikely, ridiculous and unbelievable play I’ve ever seen pulled off successfully on an actual, non-Hollywood football field. If you’re paying attention at all, you all know what I’m talking about: the fake field goal turned into a touchdown. That play never should have worked, and yet it did. And that’s what I love about Packer football: whether they are surprisingly awful or amazingly awesome, you really never know what they’re gonna do next.

Coming this Fall.

Though we didn’t see any injuries on the field, there are several players who are questionable for the next game, including our hero Tom Crabtree (though what a way to go, am I right?). Others questionables-of-note include Randall Cobb, Josh Sitton, Greg Jennings (who was out against the Bears already), and Jamari Lattimore, who is out with an ankle injury.

View the Packers full injury report here.

UP NEXT: Our first away game at the Seattle Seahawks (1-1), where the Packers do battle with team that wooed away second string giant Matt Flynn. Will we have a Rodgers-Flynn face-off that everyone’s been waiting for? And by everyone I mean me and maybe a few other people?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

And, on an unrelated note: the Vikings beat the 49ers?! In what world does that happen? Come on!


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