In the current state of the nation, it is a bad time to be a college graduate 3 months out of school. For the second time. Who has $30,000 in loans and degrees in English, theatre and video production. And who isn’t living with their parents (yet). As survival is the most primal instinct, I do what I have to until I don’t have to any more. This is why I live on Lean Cuisine. I have moved to a smaller, cheaper apartment closer to work. I bike or walk wherever I can to save on gas and car maintenance. I’ve cut every corner, and it still isn’t enough.

Ergo, I have been forced to give up my favorite thing, to date my almost sole source of entertainment, and something I consider to have an addiction level red, a notch above cigarettes and a couple below heroine. I’m talking about cable television. For as long as I can remember, it’s been my lifeline to fun, knowledge, relaxation, security and companionship. And now it’s gone.

This is the story of my life after the cable is cut. My life off the wire.


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