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Film Annex #16: Soccer in Afghanistan

Before I post a double-header worth of pictures this week, check out my new Film Annex article covering the up and coming Afghani soccer league.

On a personal note: I am in the middle of a crazy time in my life. I am trying to produce a 6 episode series coming up here in the next few months (for more info, check out, so if I’m not as prompt with my posts/drawings, that’s why. So allow me to apologize for that in advance–it will be an irregular football season this year, but I will get the coverage out as quickly as I can, I promise.

Anyway–Film Annex! Soccer! Check it out.

See the full article here.


Film Annex #15: Rulli and Copyright

Okay, now that the Packers win-loss rage is out of my system, I can post this like I was supposed to yesterday.

This week, I’m talking about copyright, public domain, and the benefits of producing films outside the Hollywood system, based on a post by Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli. All that, plus you get to watch an old school 1940s Superman cartoon, one of many available on Film Annex. It’s sure to lift your spirits after a very contentious half a week. Enjoy!

See the full article here.

Film Annex #14: Eva Hoffman

Yes, okay…the Packers lost. I will be the first to admit this is a very, very, very, VERY sad way to begin the season. BUT…maybe, just MAYBE…it’s not the worst thing in the world for us at this stage?

More on that later in the week. But now, first things first. My latest article is up on Film Annex, covering an interview with Eva Hoffman, an employee of the Center f International and Intercultural Communication at the Technical University of Berlin. Watch her share her experience teaching in an Afghan school, hear her thoughts on the differences between German and Afghanistan students, and learn her perspective on Film Annex’s initiatives in Afghanistan. It’s worth a look.

See the full article here.

FA Article 13: Social Media + Business

Another requested topic from my Film Annex contact, this time about social media in business. Actually, I feel like I should thank them for asking me to write about this. I do a lot of work online, but my experience with social media doesn’t go much beyond a Facebook page, knowing how to blog and some VERY cursory knowledge of SEO (which isn’t really social media, but you get the idea). Conducing even some very basic research gave me new insight into the world of social media advertising, and made me realize I really need to do more.

Also, this post contains a very beautiful short French film called Motus. Give it a look (4 min plus ad time).

Check out this article here.

FA Article #12: PubMatic

Article 12, huh? This marks my third “ending” to my contract (originally it was for 4 articles and I’ve been renewed twice). Here’s hoping for a fourth!

This week, I’m covering the interview conducted with Kirk McDonald, founded of the digital ad management company PubMatic. He’s very well-spoken, charitable, and of the interviews I’ve covered, he has probably the most to say about the Afghan Development Project. It was really a joy to watch.

Read my blog on Film Annex to find out more.


COMING THIS WEEK: a blast from my past. We’re talking, like, 1992. Curious? Stay tuned.