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Film Annex #15: Rulli and Copyright

Okay, now that the Packers win-loss rage is out of my system, I can post this like I was supposed to yesterday.

This week, I’m talking about copyright, public domain, and the benefits of producing films outside the Hollywood system, based on a post by Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli. All that, plus you get to watch an old school 1940s Superman cartoon, one of many available on Film Annex. It’s sure to lift your spirits after a very contentious half a week. Enjoy!

See the full article here.



As some of you know (aka those of you who know me in the real world, outside webland), I recently quit my 9-to-5 soul suck of a job to focus on the stuff I love: writing and filmmaking. Recently, I got a gig as a guest blogger on, a company that allows filmmakers to post their videos with ads and reap some monetary rewards. If this strikes you as a nice meshing of my interests, you would be correct sir!

So, look for me on Film Annex (here is my profile link). I will also be cross posting on LOTW whenever I’ve got a new article up. So far there looks to be a lot of fun, interesting, thought-provoking and weird videos on Film Annex, so there should be plenty for me to write about. It’s something I’m doing on a trial basis, but with hard work and some luck I hope to make it a permanent thing. Either way, it beats the heck out of working for the man.