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Film Annex #15: Rulli and Copyright

Okay, now that the Packers win-loss rage is out of my system, I can post this like I was supposed to yesterday.

This week, I’m talking about copyright, public domain, and the benefits of producing films outside the Hollywood system, based on a post by Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli. All that, plus you get to watch an old school 1940s Superman cartoon, one of many available on Film Annex. It’s sure to lift your spirits after a very contentious half a week. Enjoy!

See the full article here.


Film Annex Article #6: Francesco Rulli and the ADP

So, I started out trying to write an article on Citadel, the co-founding organization of the Afghan Development Project (you remember–from last time). While I was searching, I stumbled upon this interview with Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli. It is a 9-minute piece of him talking about his motivation behind the Afghan Development Project, GIVE, and a number of other ideas that I’ve been covering in my articles over the past few weeks. He’s a very good speaker, a very cool and forward-thinking businessman, and even though 9 minutes is a long time out of your day to spend watching a web video, I would say it is at least worth watching part of it.

Rulli Speaks on the Afghan Development Project (Full article, as well as links to videos and more information, is available on my Film Annex page.)

Thanks for reading!

Film Annex Article #5: Film Annex Afghanistan Development Project

Couple o’ things:

1) My contract with Film Annex has been renewed for 4 more articles (w00t!)

2) From now on, the articles will be exclusively Afghanistan-oriented. As you saw last time, the founder is very into Afghanistan development. He’s even been interviewed by the United Nations about it (check out my WebTV channel for more the video of that interview BTW).

This article is about one of his projects, the Film Annex Afghanistan Development Project. No, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but it’s mission is still very cool: to present a new image of Afghanistan through web education, and to provide Internet to 160,000 Afghani school children. I think I mentioned the Internet thing in my article about Francesco Rulli, but it was so interesting I had to find out more. Luckily, I was given the opportunity.

Afghanistan and the Internet (Full article, as well as links to videos and more information, is available on my Film Annex page.)


Film Annex Article #4: Francesco Rulli

As promised, my (potentially) final article for Film Annex, regarding the founder of the site, Francesco Rulli. After looking through his blog and doing some very light research, I’m impressed. He’s committed to small business and new entrepreneurs, as well as development in Afghanistan and promoting new opportunities for war veterans.

Suddenly, all my assignments covering the channels that deal with international politics and veterans affairs make a lot more sense. If this is my last article for Film Annex, I would like to say I feel honored to have had the opportunity to be involved with an organization like this, even if it was only for a little while.

And the next time I produce a short film or web series, you can bet you’ll see it on the Annex.

Founding Film (And So Much More!) (Full article, as well as links to videos and more information, is available on my Film Annex page.)