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Saints and Colts: A Disappointment Double-Header

So….due to the fact that I am in the midst of intense fundraising for my new series, I know I’m falling behind in my art. I feel bad, but the sad truth of it is I can’t do everything. Luckily, I still find the time to watch the games, which is a small miracle in itself. Even though it’s been way too long, I finally have illustrations for both games. Here’s the problem: we won the first game, and we lost the second. The first one we won by a razor thing margin, the second one we were ahead by almost 20 points at the half, then lost by 3.

What does this tell us? I can sum it up in one word : INCONSISTENCY.

And FYI, though he’d been playing like crap for the entire second half, Rodgers truly¬†blew that game against Indianapolis in the last 8 seconds. Aside from the fact that the offense completely fell to pieces in the second half–though that is certainly a huge part of it–I can’t BELIEVE Rodgers spiked the ball and put Crosby in that position. He could’ve made one more play, he could’ve got Crosby closer, and he blew it at the last second. I know the clock was running out, I know a delay of game penalty would’ve basically been a death sentence, that THAT’S WHAT HE GETS PAID FOR. Simple as that. Sorry Rodgers–that one’s on you.


Packers vs Saints

Date: September 9th

Final: 27-28 Packers

Darren Sproles (Saints). One of the announcers made reference to something akin to “the quickly spinning legs of Darren Sproles,” which reminded me of the Roadrunner. So…there you go.

After Rodgers’s eye was almost torn from his head, this image floated through my mind. Not very Saintly, if you ask me.

Got to love the NFL med staff. If you strike him down…

When things started going bad, I started playing Tetris on my Kindle. You know…to relieve stress.

After I started playing Tetris, the Packers actually did start playing better, and eventually went on to win against the Saints.

Unfortunately, I forgot my Kindle at home for the Colts game. Call me crazy, but I thought I wasn’t going to need it. Lesson learned.

Packers vs. Colts

Date: October 7th

Final: 27-30 Colts

There are three reasons the Packers lost this game, and will illustrate them in Stickmen form.

Number 1: Reggie Wayne. Reggie Wayne=Packer kryptonite.
Man…I should’ve drawn that. But this is good too. The guy has MONSTER hands.

Number 2: Injuries. I thought we had some time before we started losing all our players, but I guess I miss calculated.
On the upside, at least they won’t try throwing to Finley for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope he’s not seriously injured. But…you know…he’s not that good.

Number Three: Aaron Rodgers, second half.
That’s all I’m gonna say.

Next week:¬†The Texans…who are at 5-0…in Houston.


Thank God I’ll be in Minnesota, with my family, where watching the Packers is illegal (unless they are playing the Vikings, of course). So next week will either be Viking coverage, or secondhand news angry drawings of further defeat and shame.

See you in St. Louis everyone!